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Cool Stuff!

Below you will find a number of "cool" items available from the PinGame Journal. We accept payment by a number of methods. Please read ORDER INFO near the bottom of this page.

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    PGJ Issue #170 (January 2023) The 2023 PGJ PINBALL CALENDAR. This annual edition of the PGJ is one of my favorites partly because it hangs around (literally AND figuratively) for a whole year! Month images are from a variety of sources and our cover is once again an original artwork from Big Bang Bar artist, Stan Fukuoka. It's got all kinds of info on shows and events as well as various holidays and industry birthdays so you don't have to worry about checking your phone all the time.

    This issue will be mailed to all current subscribers but if you missed out, you can still get one! IN STOCK NOW!

  • 2023 Pinball Calendar (single issue)--USA $6.00
  • 2023 Pinball Calendar (single issue)--OUTSIDE USA $12.00

    SPECIAL WHEN LIT (Pinball Documentary) -- Special When Lit rediscovers the lure of a lost pop icon - pinball. This American invention made more money than Hollywood through the 50s and 60s. Its success swept the world making it the epitome of 'cool'. Today pinball is all but forgotten. This is the definitive story of the rise and fall of pinball as told by the fans, collectors, designers and champion players from across the globe. A game, a sport, a lifestyle - pinball takes this eclectic bunch of self-confessed 'pinheads' back to their youth as they open up passionately to reveal the attractions of the "world's funnest toy."-- INCLUDES SHIPPING and HANDLING! (see details in ORDER INFO) Pay by PayPal using buttons or see ORDER INFO below.


  • Special When Lit DVD--USA $19.95

  • Special When Lit BluRay--USA $29.95

  • Special When Lit DVD--OUTSIDE USA $25.95 (NTSC only)

  • Special When Lit BluRay--OUTSIDE USA $35.95 (NTSC only)

    The PGJ DVD Set consists of FIVE DVDs --Approximately EIGHT HOURS of video. Three are dedicated to Williams promotional segments. Included are many extras including out takes, movie trailers, 'live' presentations from industry shows and a tribute to WMS VP of sales, Joe Dillion. The other two disks contain a collection of pinball related video from television, movies and other media. Individual DVDs are available. PRICE INCLUDES SHIPPING and HANDLING. (see details in ORDER INFO) Pay by PayPal with appropriate button or see ORDER INFO and detailed content list below.

  • The PGJ 5 DVD Set--USA $30
  • The PGJ 5 DVD Set--CANADA $34

  • The PGJ DVD Set-Individual disk(s)--USA and CANADA $8

    Be sure to use the "comments" or "instructions" area to tell us which disc(s) you want, or send a separate email.

  • The PGJ DVD Set-Individual disk(s)--OUTSIDE NORTH AMERICA $11

    Be sure to use the "comments" or "instructions" area to tell us which disc(s) you want, or send a separate email.

    ORDER INFO: Any of the above items can be ordered from the PinGame Journal. We accept payment in US funds only. If paying by PayPal, please click the appropriate PayPal button. This method will include a small service fee we are charged by PayPal for the convienence of this online transaction. This fee appears as "shipping and handling." You are under no obligation to pay this fee (about $1.50 on a $34 subscription), however we would appreciate if you did, as those little amounts add up quickly! If you prefer not to have the fees added, please click HERE and pay to

    We also accept payment by Zelle, US check, US money order, US traveler's checks and even US cash. We can not accept credit cards (except through PayPal) at this time. Make payable and send to:

    PinGame Journal
    3249 Kipling St
    Berkely MI 48072 USA

    CASH--Some, especially subscribers outside the USA, choose to send U.S. Currency rather than use a check or money order. That is fine and we've had only one problem with that method. But keep in mind that there is no 'record' of the money sent or that we received it. If it is lost, we can not be responsible. It is important to us that everyone knows there are no guarantees. PayPal or Zelle seems to be a much better alternative.

    If you have questions please contact us at info(at)pingamejournal(dot)com.

    Detailed Content of PGJ DVDs: (Numbers at end of selections below are running times--hour:minute:second--numbers after last selection of each DVD indicate the length of that disc PLUS the time of the last selection)

    Naked Gun (0:00:41)
    Friends (0:03:12)
    Detroit Pistons stadium intro video (0:04:46)
    Grand Theft Auto-Vice City (0:05:29)
    Love & War (0:09:16)
    Principal Financial Group commercial (0:10:20)
    Seven Days (0:10:50)
    Getting By (0:11:30)
    Sharpshooters Pinball Tournament (0:15:08)
    Music video cartoon (0:20:33)
    On Q (0:22:37) (Stern Pinball factory / 1980)
    Pinball playing record / news feature (0:25:24)
    Collection/Joe Spinelli /news feature (0:26:25)
    TV/Movie Quick Takes (0:29:29)

  • Three Stooges
  • Anatomy of a Murder
  • Perry Mason
  • Alfred Hitchcock
  • Bugs Bunny baseball
    In The Line of Duty: The FBI Murders (0:33:00)
    Insight: King of the Penny Arcade (0:34:32)
    TV/Movie quick takes (0:37:46)
  • W.C. and Me
  • W.W. and the Dixie Dance Kings
  • Apprentiship of Duddy Kravitz
  • Hard Times
    Rover automobile commercial--BBC (0:38:54)
    Andy Richter Controls The Universe (0:39:52)
    Michigan pinball tourney--news feature (0:40:38)
    Collection--Marc Fellman & Wade Wright--news feature (0:43:08)
    Collection--Dave De Safey--news feature (0:44:25)
    Collection--HGTV segment (0:46:50)
    Northern Exposure (0:47:54)
    Star Trek--original series (0:48:48)
    Star Trek: Voyager (0:50:02)
    Chips Ahoy commercial (0:51:39)
    Collection / Ken Shaffer / HGTV (0:52:09)
    Tales From The Crypt (0:54:00)
    Playboy Mansion tour / A&E (0:56:04)
    The Popular Mechanics Show (0:57:30) (Steve Kordek, Roger Sharpe, Michael Gottlieb, Steve Ritchie/ No Fear)
    PAPA II news feature segments (1:05:06) (Featuring champ, Rick Stetta, Steve Epstein, Roger Sharpe, Lyman Sheats)
    Omni: The New Frontier / Suzanne Ciani, voice of Xenon (1:19:02)
    The China Syndrome (1:27:18)
    The Magnificent Marble Machine (1:28:27)
    Risco (1:33:55) (German quiz show/ subjects based on contestant interests/ this segment features
    Austrian pin enthusiast, Jost Berger)
    Then & Now (late 70s) (1:44:24)
    Music video Pinball Cha Cha by Yello (1:47:43)
    Collection / Jim Schelberg / news feature (1:51:17)

    Detroit ABC affiliate WXYZ channel 7 station ID
    Happy Days collection (0:00:49)
    CNN/ Science & Technology Today (0:13:34) (Pinball Expo 1990, Roger Sharpe, Steve Kordek, Williams factory)
    Arcade Attack / BBC 1982 (0:16:24)
    Eureka! / BBC 'how-it-was-made' show, pinball segment (0:37:26) (show regulars featured as Harry Williams, Ray Moloney, and David Gottlieb)
    Entertainment Tonight / 3/1991 (0:45:25) (Elvira, Roger Sharpe, Steve Engel, George Pins collection, Sara Jessica Parker)
    Good Morning America / Elvira (0:49:41)
    ABC News report / 1990 / (0:49:58) (Roger Sharpe, Broadway Arcade/ Steve Epstein, Williams factory)
    Pinball Wizards Convention (0:52:29)
    Tommy on Broadway segments (0:54:08)
    Clarinex commercial (1:01:35)
    Special Edition (1:02:05)
    Twilight Zone / 2003 (1:05:30)
    The Simpsons (1:06:20)
    60 Minutes (1:06:45)
    Robert Capa biography (1:18:33)
    Danger Man (1:20:02) (released in the US as Secret Agent)
    Danger Mouse (1:22:23)
    Weird Homes (1:23:57)
    Trading Spaces (1:25:42)
    Invention / Smithsonian 1995 (1:27:16) (Steve Kordek, Michael Gottlieb, Tim Arnold/ collection, Williams factory and design areas, Steve Ritchie, Lyman Lamone Sheats)
    WB Cartoon Show promo (1:33:16)
    Chicago Tonight 5/03 (1:33:38) (Gary Stern and the Stern Pinball factory, Steve Kordek)
    Everwood (1:42:22)
    Coke commercial (1:44:01)
    The George Carlin Show (1:44:31)

    Special thanks to:
    Bruce Clark--Coke, Everwood, Happy Days, George Carlin Show, Playboy Mansion, Trading Spaces, Danger Man, Simpsons, Twilight Zone, Pinball Wizards Convention, Getting By, Bugs Bunny, Perry Mason, Alfred Hitchcock, Insight, In the Line of Duty, Invention.
    Russ Jensen--On Q, Sharpshooters, Special Edition, 60 Minutes, pinball record breaker, Hard Times, W.W. and the Dixie Dance Kings, W.C. and Me, Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz, Then & Now, Fellman-Wright collection, Entertainment Tonight.
    Gary Flower--Arcade Attack, Rover automoble commercial, Eureka!
    Brian Dominy--Magnificent Marble Machine PDTV/ Omni: The New Frontier Xenon segment
    Steve Epstein--PAPA II segments
    Vince Giovannone--Chicago Tonight
    Jonathan Schelberg--Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
    Jost Berger--Risco
    (Please forgive any omissions to this list and please let us know if you find any!)

    Promo DVD Volume ONE
    Williams Distributor Night introduction (0:03:27)
    Addams Family (0:06:10)
    Attack From Mars (0:16:17)
    Black Rose (0:19:07)
    Cirqus Voltair (0:26:15)
    Corvette (0:29:05) (with coverage of the opening of the Corvette Museum)
    Creature From The Black Lagoon (0:40:00)
    Demolition Man (0:45:43)
    Dirty Harry (0:50:31)
    Doctor Who (0:56:30)
    Dracula (1:03:28)
    Fish Tales (1:08:57)
    Flintstones (1:18:17)
    Getaway (1:25:45)
    Gilligan's Island (1:32:49)

    Promo DVD Volume TWO:
    Hurricane (0:00:34)
    Indiana Jones (0:08:43)
    Indianapolis 500 (0:18:41)
    JackBot (0:24:35)
    Johnny Mnemonic (0:30:14)
    Judge Dredd (0:34:45)
    Medieval Madness (0:44:15)
    Midway Television Network --Monster Bash, 976-PINBALL, NBA Fastbreak video, NBA Fastbreak live (0:48:03)
    No Fear (1:00:13)
    No Good Gophers (1:04:42) (Distributor Night ASI 1998)
    Party Zone (1:10:02)
    Popeye (1:19:13)
    Revenge From Mars (1:28:36) (Pinball 2000 introduction)
    Road Show (1:38:02)
    Safe Cracker (1:43:30)

    Promo DVD Volume THREE
    Scared Stiff
    Shadow (0:04:37)
    Star Trek: The Next Generation (0:13:42)
    Star Wars Episode 1 (0:20:15) (with Media clips and movie trailers)
    Terminator 2 (0:26:46) (with T2 movie trailers)
    Theatre of Magic (0:42:09)
    Twilight Zone (0:47:35)
    Whitewater (0:55:04)
    World Cup Soccer (1:01:03) (with extensive out-takes and WCS stock footage)
    Tribute To Joe Dillon (1:14:35) (presented at the 1998 ASI Williams Distributor Night)

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