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    PinGame Journal magazine is the world's foremost pinball publication. It covers pinball like no other magazine can. Whether youíre looking for new games or the classics, reports on industry shows or collector expos, insight on a game you want or features to help you fix the game youíve got, you want the PinGame Journal!

    We invite you to explore this site and discover what our pinball publication is all about!

In The Current Issue:
PGJ Issue #155 (October, 2014) It's the 2015 PinGame Journal Pinball Calendar! For 2015 we are focusing on art that was created for a game but never made it. In some cases the art took a different direction and in others the game was never made. This issue features another killer cover by artist Stan Fukuoka. Stan also contributed art for two months! There is other art from artists including Kevin O'Connor, Pat McMahon, Greg Freres, Python Anghelo, Tony Ramuni and Doug Watson. It was mailed to all current PGJ subscribers but is available from Marco Specialities if you missed a copy. Get it. Hang it up. ENJOY THE YEAR!
The PinGame Journal magazine presents in-depth features about new games and the people who create them. Go behind the scenes to see how a modern pinball machine is made. We also look at the classics in detail and focus on collectors and hobbyists who make up the world of pinball. Contributors rank among pinballís leading authorities such as David Ainslie, Dick Bueschel, Brian Cady, Bruce Clark, Gary Flower, Mike Gaspar, Bob Herbison, Russ Jensen, Jeffrey Lawton, Dave Marston, Bruce Moyer, John Osborne, Phoebe Smith, John Smout, Chris Squyres and a host of others.

    Subscribers also receive new game flyers, scorecard reproductions, promotional plastics, and other pinball related items with many issues. Join the thousands of pinball enthusiasts who receive every one!

    Jim Schelberg, Publisher/Editor

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