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PinGame Journal Back Issues Available

Issue content of the PinGame Journal varies. One issue may focus on older classic games, another on newer machines and still others on industry events or hobby shows. Most contain a variety of items. Over the years we have included all kinds of stuff with the issues as well as current game "sell sheets" or flyers. These and other inclusions will be sent with a back issue order when available.

Back Issue links are shown below from newest to oldest. Those labled "out of print" are not available as an "ink and paper" issue but might be available as a PDF file, please inquire.

To search this page, just press CTRL-F.

SAMPLE/BACK ISSUE--We will often (but not always!) send the CURRENT issue as your SAMPLE (we won't send any calendar issue as a sample). If you want a specific issue as your SAMPLE or BACK ISSUE, please let us know by using the "special instructions" or "notes" section of the PayPal order form OR send a separate email with that information. Better yet, do both! Please note that your NEW SUBSCRIPTION will start with the NEXT issue NOT the CURRENT issue. UNLESS you opt to get the 2021 Calendar as your first issue. See our Subscription page for details by clicking SUBSCRIPTION.

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  • SAMPLE OR BACK ISSUE -Outside North America: $9.00

    PGJ Issue #170- 2023 PinGame Journal Calendar CURRENT ISSUE This calendar features photos from a number of sources along with important dates for shows, birthdays and holidays. It features a cover from the imagination of Big Bang Bar artist, Stan Fukuoka. This calendar runs from February 2023 through January 2024.

    PGJ Issue #169 There is no issue 169. We're skipping it. Don't ask. Just go with it. Thanks!

    PGJ Issue #168-2022 PinGame Journal CalendarThis calendar features an amazing cover by artist Stan Fukuoka and photos by Andy Sokol. It runs from February 2022 through January 2023.

    PGJ Issue #167 (OCTOBER 2021) SPECIAL Legends of Valhalla EDITION. The focus of this edition is the game Legends of Valhalla (LOV) from American Pinball. Starting as a homebrew game by Scott Gullicks and Frank Gigliotte, it was scooped up by American Pinball to be a production game. Similar to our issue #161 which focused on the game Alien, this issue goes to new depths providing details of the creation process of this game. It follows Scott and Frank as they made their first homebrew, Wrath of Olympus and how their creative drive helped them continue to produce LOV. Then the process of converting the title from homebrew to a game fully ready for production. Join Odin and his crew on this Viking adventure!
    PGJ Issue #166 (DECEMBER 2020) The 2021 PGJ PINBALL CALENDAR. This annual edition of the PGJ is one of my favorites partly because it hangs around (literally AND figuratively!!) for a whole year! It was actually mailed before the end of the year ... but after that I have no control. The cover image, as is often the case, is from the creativity of Big Bang Bar artist, Stan Fukuoka. This time we see detail of the bar and meet bartender Ray!!! All of the month images were provided by Turbofox Photography. It's got all kinds of info on shows and events (Unlike 2020, most of which will actually take place ... probably!) as well as various holidays and industry birthdays so you don't have to worry about checking your smart phone all the time.
    PGJ Issue #165 (February 2020) The 2020 PGJ PINBALL CALENDAR. This annual edition of the PGJ is one of my favorites partly because it hangs around (literally AND figuratively) for a whole year! Or in THIS case ... most of the year! Our theme is based on the phrase PINBALL SHOW and is explained in detail in the issue. It's got all kinds of info on shows and events as well as various holidays and industry birthdays so you don't have to worry about checking your smart phone all the time.
    PGJ Issue #164 (March 2019) The 2019 PGJ PINBALL CALENDAR. This annual edition of the PGJ is one of my favorites partly because it hangs around (literally AND figuratively) for a whole year! Or in THIS case ... most of the year! Our theme is favorites from past editions, including the cover, as well as a not used before image or two. It's got all kinds of info on shows and events as well as various holidays and industry birthdays so you don't have to worry about checking your smart phone all the time.
    PGJ Issue #163 (April 2018) NOTE: The cover gives the impression that Satellite is a 1957 Gottlieb ... IT'S NOT. It's a 1958 WILLIAMS. I have NO IDEA how this happened or who is responsible but we at the PGJ are working to track down those responsible. In the meantime, being a real live hold in your hand and read publication, this error can not be corrected so we have to live with it. A long time pinball industry friend told me to look at it as one of those things that makes life interesting. I'm trying, but ... The wonderful article on the 1958 WILLIAMS game Satellite by PGJ Woodrail Editor Bob Herbison starts off this edition. We cover "The best little pinball show in Texas" ... the Houston's Arcade Expo and the amazing Kings & Queens pinball as art show in Elmurst, Illinois. PGJ staffer, Kelly Corcoran and friend Emily ventured out of Michigan's upper penninsula to attend and cover the 2017 Midwest Gaming Classic. Finally, Mike "Wolffy" Gaspar threw a PinGame Throwdown down on Steve Ritchie's The Getaway.
    PGJ Issue #162 (February 2018) The 2018 PGJ PINBALL CALENDAR. This annual edition of the PGJ is one of my favorites partly because it hangs around (literally AND figuratively) for a whole year! For 2018 we pay tribute to the Kings & Queens exhibit hosted by the Elmhurst Art Museum last year. It is cool to see how the art on the walls was displayed along with the art on the games.
    PGJ Issue #161 (March 2017) ALIEN PINBALL In Detail.
    PGJ Issue #160 (February 2017) 2017 Pinball Calendar.
    PGJ Issue #159 (May, 2016)Barenaked Ladies
    PGJ Issue #158 (February, 2016) The 2016 PGJ PINBALL CALENDAR. This annual edition of the PGJ is one of my favorites partly because it hangs around (literally AND figuratively) for a whole year! It features a mixed bag of images, some never seen, some never on a game, some rare and some just fun to look at. The cover features another image from one of our very fav artists, Stan Fukuoka, but this time he reveals a portrait of someone we know but who has never been seen. Ever. By anyone. It is the elusive King Pin.
    PGJ Issue #157 (October, 2015) The Best Little Pinball Show In Texas!
    PGJ Issue #156 (April, 2015) In 2014 John Zitterkopf grabbed BEST IN SHOW at both the Texas Pinball Fest ( AND The Houston Arcade Expo ( with his "Mirror Mirror" Star Trek episode version of the Bally classic and I couldn't help but feature him and it right up front. He did an amazing job! Moving on we relive the 2014 Texas Pinball Festival in photos and then learn the importance of the people in pinball. Speaking of people, Billy Obrien presents a report on a cool place for pinball in hot Tucson AZ ( and Rick Fazio finishes his detailed study on the Doctor Who upper playfield. We take a look at the 2014 Pinball Expo in Chicago and finish as JJP helps a dream comes true for Byron Raynz. It's the PinGame Journal as it was meant to be, check it out!
    PGJ Issue #153 (March, 2013) Celebrates "March Pinball Madness 2013" when a record number of pinball events were held and their dates did not overlap! March also marked the announced start of official shipping for Jersey Jack Pinball's Wizard of Oz. Stern Pinball was honored as Manufacturer of the Year and AC/DC the pinball of the year. We look, in PGJ detail, at the Steve Ritchie game as well as at John Borg's X-MEN. Dennis Dodel remembers Don Murphy with an article from The Pinball Trader and Rich Fazio presents part one of his Doctor Who mini playfield removal. Robert Cecchini chronicles a pinball trip to America and honors Steve Kordek and Bob Herbison looks back at the 2012 Texas Pinball Festival. There's lots more, as there always is, in this maddening issue of the PGJ. Don't let it get to you before you get to it!
    PGJ Issue #152 (October 2012) The 2013 PGJ Pinball Calendar. Back by popular demand, we again feature pinball backglass art by choosing 12 unusual, rare or one of a kind images. Art featured is Bally Beat The Clock, Zaccaria Earth Wind and Fire, Williams Pinky, United Yuma Arizona, Zaccaria Farfalla, Williams Skyway, Bally Cactus Canyon, Gottlieb Centigrade 37, Cosmic Venus (from the movie TILT), Sonic Mars Trek, Rally West Club, Bally Motordome. Our cover by former Capcom artist Stan Fukuoka features an updated view of Phoebe, a waitress in the Big Bang Bar and Max, her Cosmic Dragon.
    PGJ Issue #151 (September 2012) begins with Dan Marquardt building his own pinball arcade ... for his O scale model railroad and continues on to introduce readers to Tom Taylor and his amazing pinball collection and then we relive Pinball Expo 2011. Continuing in that vein, we look back at last year's editions of the Northern Lights show in the UK by Mark Robinson and the Red Rose Gameroom Show by Jeffrey Lawton. Andrew Heighway adds an interview and peek at Heighway Pinball's first game, Phoebe Smith reviews the color dot matrix display add-on and John Trudeau is featured in Brian Cady's Kings of the Silverball. There is lots more, of course, in this issue so climb on board and take a ride.
    PGJ Issue #150 (May 2012) IT'S ISSUE NUMBER 150! This is quite a milestone for the PGJ and we look at what some subscribers, contributors and others have to say about this achievement. But first there is a detailed look at Randy Peck's amazing recreation of the feel, if not the structure, of the original Long Beach Nu-Pike amusement zone. Reiny Bangerter completes his story of the new King of Diamonds, Bruce Moyer explains Flying Circus and Preview and Lukasz Dziatkiewicz presents part two of his pinball in Poland. Greg Mockenhaupt describes two Freddy repairs, Mike Gaspar adds another addict to pinball and AC/DC rocks Downunder. This issue mentions designer Steve Kordek who died this year at the age of 100 in a number of contexts and it concludes with an interview from Brian Cady for his Kings Of The Silver Ball series which is complemented with most of the photos I have taken of Steve over the past 20 years. There's more, of course, including an official Stern Pinball AC/DC flyer, so let there be pinball!
    PGJ Issue #149 (February 2012) The 2012 PGJ Pinball Calendar. This year we feature 13 classic pinball backglasses, on each for all 12 months for 2012 as well as January 2013. Art featured is: Williams Indiana Jones, Williams Cyclone (1947), Williams The Machine, Stern Star Gazer, Bally Atlantis, Genco Metro, Bally Fathom, Bally Expressway, Bally Xenon, Williams Black Knight 2000, Bally Voltan Excapes Cosmic Doom, Gottlieb Sing Along, Williams Spanish Eyes. Our cover by former Capcom artist Stan Fukuoka features a detail look at a "Tube Dancer" from the Big Bang Bar.
    PGJ Issue #148 (December 2011) is all about the Transformers … well, not ALL, but there’s a lot of exclusive info there from none other than George Gomez. Then we move back to 1960 as Bruce Moyer explains Magic Clock. David Marston takes a break from Pinball On Record to introduce a new New England pinball arcade, Kelly Corcoran describes attending his first pinball show, the 2011 Midwest Gaming Classic and Phoebe Smith goes into detail about joining her first pinball league. Jersey Jack remembers a day 36 years ago and Lukasz Dziatkiewicz brings us up to date on the history of pinball in Poland. Rounding things out is part one of the inside story on the recently released remake of King of Diamonds by Reiny Bangerter and part two of Brian Cady’s Kings of the Silver Ball featuring Dennis Nordman. There is, of course, much more in this issue, including the inclusion of a Transformers flyer, so don’t miss it!
    PGJ Issue #147 (April 2011) This issue starts with a discussion of the TRON: Legacy Limited Edition with a programmer, Lonnie Ropp and game designer John Borg. Two TRON release parties are covered; one from Seattle by Brian Cady and Mike Lorrain as well as the Garland Texas edition by Ken Kemp. Mike Willitt takes readers through a detailed and creative upgrade of a Black Rose and Bruce Ng tells the tale of his first-time trip to the PAPA World Pinball Championships. Terrance Glover shows off his game room in My Pinball Story, Eric Selack finishes his two part story about restoring the prototype Critical Mass and Uncle Bob looks at Chris Bucci's DVD set, LEDs and no glare DMD glass. Paul Brock reviews the new video pin Captain America and Brett Weiss talks about two classic platform games. Wrapping it up is part one of the Dennis Nordman edition of Kings of the Silverball and along with a pinball "find the mistakes" pictorial and a Centaur Pinanigans, that makes a chock full of pinball issue of the PGJ. Don't you miss it!
    PGJ Issue #146 (March 2011) goes behind the scenes of Stern's Rolling Stones in detail with designer Tom Kopera. Tom also talks about his game for Williams, Cactus Canyon, and the days leading up to the end of Williams pinball. Bruce Moyer is high on Ace High and Eric Selak presents part one of Critical Mass: The Making of a Prototype. The pinball video Mars is reviewed by Poibug and Robb Loring shows off his four Genco upright gambling machines. Regine Eickhoff show off her Extraball pinball museum and Gary Monarch is the first to share his Pinball Story. Then we report on the National Pinball Museum and remember pinball engineer Jack Skalon. Wrapping it up is a report on the pinball exhibit at the Muskegon Museum of Art and a look Back In The Day of the PGJ from Larry Wolfe. More awaits you, of course in this wide-ranging issue of the PinGame Journal!
    Issue #145 (February 2011) starts off with Four Corners … the game, by Bob Herbison, continues with a preview of Stern’s The Rolling Stones and then an overview of last year’s Bar and Restaurant show from Karen Culp. Then there are two stories about Stern’s Avatar: A release party report from Mike Lorrain and a New In The Box opening party at Chris Brunette’s house. We’re off to see the Wizard with an update on the newly formed Jersey Jack Pinball, a detailed look at the Midwest Gaming Classic from Dan Loosen and a cast of thousands, Mark Trent shows us around the brand new National Pinball Museum and Mike Gaspar throws down a challenge to a PinGame Throwdown. And of course there’s TONS more in this Special When Lit issue of the PGJ!
    PGJ Issue #144 (December 2010) The PGJ 2011 PINBALL CALENDAR-- For 2011 we celebrate an interesting mix of recent and classic pinball designers and artists and their games. Our cover pinup was created by former Capcom pinball artist Stan Fukuoka especially for this issue. Inside you'll find a month each devoted to (in alphabetical order) Python Anghelo, Dave Christensen, Norm Clark, Brian Eddy, Tim Elliott, Margaret Hudson, Steve Kirk, Ed Krynski, Jim Patla, Tim Seckel, Mark Sprenger and Dick White. Also included are dates and contact information for many 2011 pinball events and information on pinball products and services. And, as a special bonus, this issue contains a report on the mysterious goings on at a certain arcade on December 24, 2010.
    PGJ Issue #143 (September 2010) This issue features the story behind Stern Pinball's stunning 3D Avatar backglass. Then Phoebe Smith reports on the Cinci Mid-week Pinball Group, Larry Wolfe takes us along to his first pinball show, Allentown 2010 and Brian Cady travels to locations in the Northwest in search of intelligent signs of pinball. Speaking of the Northwest, Keith Nelson shows us their annual swap meet. We welcome Bruce Moyer and his new series (and license plate) called EMS4EVR to the pages of the PGJ. Dennis Nordman relates his UK adventure, Cliff Rinear introduces us to the people of the California Extreme and Steve Ritchie interviews attendees at Matt Christiano's Fun Night on The Ranch. Next we find another installment of Bob's Your Uncle by David Anslie (with a little help from Gary Flower and Mr. Nordman) and wrap it up with two examples of kids and pinball. There's more, of course, including the inclusion of an official Stern Pinball Avatar flyer so spread your wings and swoop this issue up before it gets away.
    PGJ Issue #142 (July, 2010) This issue is made of iron. Starting with a look behind the Iron Man suit with designer John Borg, behind the Iron Man sound with David Thiel and reports on the Iron Man launch parties from Phoebe Smith and Mike Gaspar. Pinrepair 530 by Todd Newman covers an indepth look at wedgehead cabinet repair and Brett Weiss spins a yarn about the Texas Pinball Festival. James Loflin's Details in Pinball History looks at the first five games from Williams and Brian Cady interviews George Gomez about his Batman "standard" game. We end up with a poke in the eye as Eric Strangeway tells about his Three Stooges pinball. And there's even more than meets the eye in this iron clad issue of the PinGame Journal!
    PGJ Issue #141 This is the Pinball Show EXPLOSION issue. Starting with the Northwest Pinball Show in Seattle. Then NW show official, Brian Cady presents installment two of his Kings of the Silver Ball, this time featuring artist Greg Freres. Next is the Open Game Room Weekend event hosted by Evert Brochez followed by the PinPin 101 tournament by Tommy Miller and Ffej Knar. Dave Dutton discusses places he used to play in the UK and Karen Culp shows us around the IAAPA (Amusement Park) show in Las Vegas. Finally, Mark Birsching recaps California Extreme 13. There's more shows to come and more issues for them to be in so don't miss them!
    PGJ Issue #140 This issue begins at the beginning of Stern Pinball’s Big Buck Hunter Pro. Then it’s down to the Jersey Shore with Edd Dicker and the inside scoop about the story behind High Speed from Steve Ritchie. Niagara Falls is a great place to visit for pinball and a lot of other things as we find out from Phoebe Smith and James Loflin looks at early Williams games that had their names changed. Madelynne Pursglove explains her method to reproduce pinball art and Mike Gaspar unearths the history of his No Fear. There’s more in this picture perfect issue get one and see what develops.
    PGJ Issue #139 (March 2010) This issue starts off with a cool cover story by Ed Klamp and his A-Go-Go game room wall. Michael Hanley follows with an account of how John Popaduik created the Alice In Wonderland pin. Steve Ritchie is the subject of our first Kings of the Silver Ball by Brian Cady. James Loflin introduces the PGJ pinball history series and Kelly Corcoran takes us inside the making of his Volcano Blast science fair project pinball. Wrapping it up this time is Bob Herbison who goes into detail about Gottlieb’s Straight Shooter. There’s more, of course so don’t you dare miss this one!
    PGJ Issue #138 (February 2010) This issue is the last in the current series produced by Clay Harrell and he, personally, wrote nearly the entire issue. However it begins with Mike Wiley telling about the time Mr. Sulu was seen playing pinball. The Pacific Pinball Exposition is next and Clay also reports on a number of related topics including Custom Games at the PPE, updates on the Lucky and Lil’ JuJu, Richard Conger’s Silverball Ranch and Berkeley Mac’s game room. Then we fly nearly cross country to Chicago and the 25th Pinball Expo for a story written by Clay’s friend Mark Szczepkowski. Mark discusses the variety that makes Expo one of the top shows in the world. At Expo we read about a presentation by former pinball designer Dennis Nordman and artist Greg Freres on their Whoa Nellie pinball project and then we get a peek into the Pinball Inc. files at some Python Anghelo drawings showing games that never were and a story about “black dust” on pinball playfields. Wrapping up the issue is a story by David Ainslie about the soon to be released pinball documentary, Special When Lit. Of course there’s more but you’ll have to get an issue of your own to find out what else is in this era-ending issue of the PinGame Journal.
    PGJ Issue #137 (January 2010) the PGJ 2010 PINBALL CALENDAR--This annual special calendar issue of the PGJ celebrates pinball designers and their game designs. Our cover pinup was created by pinball artist Stan Fukuoka especially for this issue. Inside you'll find each month devoted to a specific artist including (in alphabetical order) John Borg, George Gomez, Greg Kmiec, Steve Kordek, Pat Lawlor, Wayne Neyens, Dennis Nordman, Barry Oursler, John Popadiuk, Mark Ritchie, Steve Ritchie and John Trudeau. Also included are dates and contact information for many 2010 pinball events and information on pinball products and services. Your pinball year won't be complete without this calendar! NOTE: #137 is not available as a regular back issue, but may be obtained through our web site or other pinball hobby vendors. All subscribers received this issue so don't miss out on the 2011 version, subscribe now!
    PGJ Issue #136 (December 2009) (OUT OF PRINT--pdf available-inquire) The cover story crowns the Kings of Game Design: Wayne Neyens and Steve Kordek. Mike Wiley looks at Tim Arnold and his Pinball Hall of Fame in The Life of Wiley. Then the back story of the Pinball Reference Guide and its creators, Don Mueting and Rob Hawkins. Coverage of the 2009 PAPA event is followed by a look at re-themed games at the event, the traditional pre PAPA party at Ron Shuster’s and a trip to the nearby Pinball Perfection arcade. The PinGame Enquirer reports on a house fire that destroyed, among other things, some pingames and other arcade equipment. There’s the game room pic of the month, a report on the Michigan EM Club’s Classic tournament at Crazy Carl’s and the Nucore release party in Dearborn Michigan. Rob Hayes wraps things up with an installment of Collector’s Chronicles looking at “1985.” You can’t TOP this Clay Harrell issue so don’t miss it!
    PGJ Issue #135 (November 2009) This issue starts with an in-depth look at the last three Stern games, CSI, 24 and NBA as told by Lonnie Ropp and John Borg. Next, Gordon Hasse and Michael Schiess share telling the story of moving 250 woodrails cross country, Scott Martin talks about the early Stern games at the Texas show, Dave Marston spins more Pinball On Record, Phoebe Smith reports on the Ohio Show, Mark Bakula reviews pinball covers and Trent Augenstein presents 101 reviews of Pinball 101.
    PGJ Issue #134 (October 2009) This is the third issue created by Clay Harrell. It features a report on the 2009 NW Pinball and Gameroom Show, a remembrance of Michael Luther, The Game Guy, from Mike Wiley, PinGame Memories from Jim Bonkowski, If I Won The Lottery, Road Trip To Solar City and Changing The Rules from Clay Harrell. There’s a report on the Detroit EM club party by Mark Sczcepkowski, Warehouse Raid from Chuck Emery and an interview with Chris Hutchins of High End Pins by David Beam.
    PGJ Issue #133 (September 2009) (OUT OF PRINT--pdf available-inquire) In this second issue put together by Clay Harrell it seems he forced another Life of Wiley story out of Mike Wiley to start things off. Then it’s off to Pinball in Paradise (Hawaii) and two discussions about the UK’s Monster Pinball Meet. There’s some details about the donation by Gordon Hasse of his collection to the Pacific Pinball Museum, a remembrance of Al Garber by Cliff Rinear, followed by a report on the Michigan Open from Clay. Then Pinball Pal’s Mark Clayton shows us the Silver Ball Museum at Asbury Park, NJ, Rob Hayes writes about “First Game, Last Game” in Collector’s Chronicles and we learn the benefits of saving those old 44s and 47s. Finishing off the issue is a report on the Detroit Pinball League and Clay’s Gottlieb 1976 Card Wiz. There’s always more, like the inclusion of a Shrek Pinball flyer, so don’t miss this one!
    PGJ Issue #132 (July 2009) This is an issue of great variety. To start, Mike Gaspar takes us back to the Chicago Pinball Mafia’s visit to the Illinois Supershow and pin artist Pat McMahon shares a behind the scene story about his Truck Stop pin. Then there is the highly anticipated conclusion to Paul Backer’s Pinball Magic epic (with secret codes … shhh don’t tell anyone!) and Gary Flower remembers classic pin designer Norm Clark. Next are two show stories by their respective co-organizers: Mark Birsching recaps the 2008 California Extreme show in preparation for the 2009 edition and Evert Brochez gives us an insider’s view of the Belgian Pinball Championship. David Stein shares a disturbing but hopeful story in Disaster Down Under and Wendy and Zach Wolf presents a coincidentally related Pinnangans. We finish by going back to Mr. Birsching for an overview of the past two Pin-A-GoGo events. Included is a promo flyer for Stern's NBA. There is more, of course, in this HOT, SHOWY, REFLECTIVE and MAGICAL PinGame Journal, so don’t let it gogo!
    PGJ Issue # 131(June 2009) This is another in a string of unusual issues for the PGJ. For the first time in PGJ history we have a guest editor by the name of Clay Harrell. Clay is no stranger to many in the pinball community and he has assembled a wide range of articles for this issue. As the cover says there are two major woodrail stories as well as show reports, but to start we read a wild story from the world of pinball by Mike Wiley and Clay gives readers an idea of what it’s like to work at the Pinball Hall of Fame for a few days. Then it’s on to Larry Wolfe’s quest for a 1957 Williams Arrow Head. Take a break looking at a photo of four nice pins …. Hey, what’s that girl doing standing in front of them?!! Woodrail editor Bob Herbison goes into detail about his Gottlieb Joker and then we have three pinball show reports: Allentown, Kalamazoo and Chicagoland. Finally there’s a report on the opening of a pinball retail experiment called MotorCity Pinball. There’s more, of course, including the latest Pinanigans by Wendy and Zack Wolf and a promotional flyer for Stern’s 24 pinball. It’s all wrapped up into another adventurous PinGame Journal so don’t let this one get away!
    PGJ Issue #130 (January 2009) 2009 Pinball Calendar (OUT OF PRINT--pdf available-inquire) This issue of the PinGame Journal is not your average issue … unless of course you’re a 2009 Pinball Calendar. The calendar celebrates the art of pinball as seen in the work of 12 artists featuring one artist per month. Artists featured are : January--TONY RAMUNNI, February--ROY PARKER, March--CHRISTIAN MARCHE, April—GREG FRERES, May—GEORGE MOLENTIN, June—PAT McMAHON, July—JOHN YOUSSI, August—GORDON MORISON, September—DOUG WATSON, October—PAUL FARIS, November—KEVIN O’CONNOR, December—ART STENHOLM. (January is available as a PDF at The cover features a pinup type image created specially for this edition by Capcom (Big Bang Bar) artist Stan Fukuoka. In addition to the usual notation of holidays, each month tells of pinball events that we were aware of at press time. In the pages before the calendar starts, as well as distributed on the month pages, are ads for events and pinball businesses who support the PinGame Journal. There also is a photo feature of many additional artists and examples of their contribution to pinball. While this issue does not have a lot to read, it has a TON to look at, pinball product information and contact information for most of the pinball events happening in 2009.
    PGJ Issue #129 (November 2008) Includes the Pinball Expo 2008 Souvenir Guide Book. This issue was given out to attendees at Expo and also serves as issue 129 of the PGJ. We start with a listing of contact info for Expo exhibitors, a list of interesting pinball reading and biographies of 2008 Expo guest speakers. Then Scott Elder shows us his Batman miniatures in Batman: A Model Citizen, designer George Gomez let’s us into his world as his gets into Batman to create the full-size game and back to Scott, a fan of all things Batman, reviews this newest offering from Stern. Next is the Expo schedule and photos of guest speakers. Bob Herbison goes double or nothing with Gottlieb’s Twin Bill and Dave Marston takes us through the decades in Pinball On Record. Phoebe Smith brought her four Williams two level games to Expo and describes them in detail in this issue. Paul Backer presents part two of three of the story behind Capcom’s Pinball Magic and we wrap things up with a list of pinball videos and the 2008 Flip Out rules and prizes. There is, of course more to this issue, including a flyer for the Stern game Batman, so don’t miss it!
    PGJ Issue #128 (October 2008) This issue features a wizard on the cover. This wizard is the central figure on the original concept drawing for Capcom's Pinball Magic. Paul Backer presents part one of three of the complete story of this landmark game. Speaking of magic, Mark Bakula writes about a pinball that has been converted to be played with mirrors and we report on designer John Trudeau in Where Are They Now. There's a report in pictures of the 2008 ASI industry show as well as the IFPA World Championships held at the Pinball Hall of Fame in Vegas. Toby Udman brings us a report on the Northwest Pinball and Gameroom Show and we take a look back at Pinball Expo 2007 to get us ready for the 2008 edition. Finally Phoebe Smith describes her visit to the Ohio Pinball Show. We of course have more tricks up our sleeves in this magical issue so don't let it disappear.
    PGJ Issue #127 (August 2008) This issue is in the clear. The cover story by Michael Schiess tells of his Visible Pinball built by replacing all wood components with clear plastic. Then Gary Flower relates his Full Tilt trials and tribulations followed by Mark Bakula presenting a professional's clear coat technique and a peek at the new Batman game from Stern. Uncle Bob looks at LED lights and a light shield, Greg Freres presents a mini-report on the Texas show and Mike Gaspar spends some time with games of the recent past that he passed by the first time 'round. We also include an Indiana Jones flyer with this issue. We shed light on more, of course, so it's clear this is an issue not to be missed.
    PGJ Issue #126 (July 2008) (OUT OF PRINT--pdf available-inquire) The Adventure Continues as both Stern's Indiana Jones and its designer John Borg return to pinball. We go behind the scenes with more detail then ever before. Next, get an exclusive look at the Pinball 2000 emulator system from Chuck Hess and Big Guys Pinball and two west coast shows, Pacific Pinball Expo and California Extreme are featured in stories by Larry Zartarian and Mark Birsching respectively. Phoebe Smith is back for the forth and final installment of her Solar Fire restoration article and Dave Marston returns in Pinball On Record looking at the many variations of a song called Pinball Machine. Mark Bakula talked to both Gene Cunningham and Wayne Gilliard to find out what they are planning for their companies Illinois Pinball and The Pinball Factory. Finally, Lyman Sheats, player, programmer, collector talks about his Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Pinball. And that's not all, so don't miss this returning issue of the PinGame Journal!
    PGJ Issue #125 (March 2008) This issue starts with letters from readers and moves right into a discussion about Stern’s Wheel Of Fortune. This interview with programmer Keith Johnson reveals behind the scenes details about this game. Next, Nigel Lunt takes a look at replacement score display kits from Pinscore. The Pacific Pinball Exposition was quite a show focusing on classic woodrail games and we present two views of that show, one from Bob Herbison and one from Uncle Hoppy. Speaking of uncles, Uncle Bob reviews the tinted balls from Matchstick Creations in Bob’s Your Uncle. Phoebe Smith works on backglass restoration in part three of her Solar Fire restoration and we end with a look back at the legendary Canadian distributor, Laniel, with Michael Hanley and Robert Barake. Of course there’s more, so don’t let this one get away from you!
    PGJ Issue #124 (January 2008) gets the new year wheel turning with a look at some of the smaller pinball projects brewing at Stern Pinball as described by Marc Schoenberg. Learn about the challenging speech package in the current Wheel of Fortune game from sound designer David Thiel. Uncle Bob tries out some add-ons for Indiana Jones and we visit Pinball at the Zoo. Then, Phoebe Smith brings us part two of her Solar Fire restoration and Mike Gaspar checks out the Art of Play in Chicago. Jay Stafford reports on the Texas show and we go to Clay Harrell’s basement arcade Holiday EM Club meeting. It was Big Bang Bar pick up day and Paul Keifert reports as does Kevin Orme on his time with Neutron Star. We end with a look at the recent AMOA industry show and a final New Years wish from the Big Bang Bar by artist Stan Fukuoka. There’s something for everyone in this issue!
    PGJ Issue #123 (September 2007) Liking the this issue is as easy as 1-2-3. We start in hillbilly heaven as Bob Herbison explores the Wayne Neyens/Roy Parker masterpiece that is Gottlieb’s 1954 Daisy May. Moving up to modern times with Edd Dicker as he introduces the Castle arcade in New Jersey and PGJ’s queen of restorations, Phoebe Smith, starts a multi-part series on bringing the flame back to her Williams Solar Fire. Then, as the title explains, we have a report on “Steve & Dianna Ritchie in Europe: A true but not only pinball story by Martin Wiest (With insightful comments from Steve).” David Stein from Bumper Action Amusements in Australia editorializes in Pinball: Where Do We Go From Here? and Where Are They Now? finds designer John Borg back where he started: At Stern making games! Wrapping up is a report on the CPM Road Crew’s trip to the Pinball Wizards Convention by Mike “Wolffe” Gaspar. There’s more as per usual in this easy issue of the PinGame Journal. Get one and see for yourself!
    PGJ Issue #122 (June 2007) (OUT OF PRINT--available as PDF file) “Steve Ritchie Weaves His Pingame Design Web” announces the cover story for this issue of the PinGame Journal. We look in on Steve’s progress at three separate stages in the design of his latest game for Stern, Spider-man. Phoebe Smith brings us inside the Akron Pinball Show and Uncle Bob describes the process for fitting Cliffy’s Playfield Protectors. Clay Harrell describes his trip to the Pinball Wizards Convention and Eric Strangeway tells us why he likes Williams Defender pinball so much. Then we remember two pinball people who have died in recent months: Hobbiest Richard Shapiro and designer/engineer Ed Cebula. David Ainslie reviews the DVDs Pins and Vids #2 as well as TOP #8 and Jeffrey Lawton talks about the Bally Bingo Service Guide #2. We wrap this issue up with a road trip by the CPM Road Crew to the Southern Illinois Super Show. There’s of course much more web to weave in this issue, so don’t miss it!
    PGJ Issue #121 (April 2007) features the EDS Byron Nelson Championship—Orange County Choppers pinball story. Collector Mike Minchew has organized this event into quite a major media exposure for pinball. Look for even more in the next issue. Finally we see the long-awaited Mark Gibson story on William’s two ended pinball, Joust, and Phoebe Smith tells how she got into pinball restoration in part one of a series of articles on the subject. Josh Kaplan takes us back to the White Rose Pinball Show and designer Jon Norris explains his views on what pinballs should be. Al Warner, one half of the Pins & Vids team, explains how the video project started and shares some exclusive behind the scenes photos. Then there is part two of our Family Guy epic. We discuss the game from the programming, art and sound stand point with Lonnie Ropp, Keith Johnson, Dwight Sullivan, David Thiel and John Youssi. Wrapping it up is an article by Bonnie Theard about the Lucky Ju Ju. There’s other stuff too, so don't let this one pass you by!
    PGJ Issue #120 (March 2007) (OUT OF PRINT--Avail as PDF file) starts with a look at modern pinball design theory with Pat Lawlor and a tour of his design facility out in the Chicago sticks. It was back in November 2006 and his game, Family Guy was in development at the time. Next there is a special look at Herb Silvers’ Pinball Fantasy show from last summer by Chris Squyres with photos by Ed Pizio. Matt Cianchetti presents an interesting picture of his friend, the late Steve Kirk, explaining Steve’s passion for pinball. Then we look at the low production head to head pinball game Williams’ Joust by Mark Gibson and present a review of playfield modifications for Medieval Madness by David Ainslie. There’s another in our pinball history series from John Smout and wrap that all up with some beautiful pinball photography by Donald Fregede and you have another great issue of the PinGame Journal. Don’t you DARE miss it!
    PGJ Issue #119 (December 2006) This is the Show Me The Shows issue of the Pingame Journal and it’s ALL in color! It starts, though, with Gary Flower remembering pinball designer Steve Kirk who died earlier this year and a report from PGJ European Correspondent Michael Colmer. Then the shows: Pinball Fantasy by Shelly Paule, the Midwest Gaming Classic by Don Caldwell, the massive PAPA 9 tournament by Chris Newsom and a first timer’s detailed look at Pinball Expo by Phoebe Smith. Add to that a report from Trent Augenstein on the 2006 IAAPA show, a holiday pinball poem by Don Horton and the second annual Seasons Greetings from the Big Bang Bar pinup from artist Stan Fukuoka and you really have something! Also don’t miss some holiday wishes from pinball companies past and present on the back cover. It’s all yours in this seasoned issue of the Pingame Journal. Get one!
    PGJ Issue #118 (October 2006) is the Halloween issue. From the confusing Halloween front and back covers by Craig Endler, to the amazing horror pinball game room of John Hannan, this is a creepy issue. We fix a problem with Target Alpha with Jeffrey Lawton, get a detailed look at Cybernaut from Dan Loosen and learn about the history of Allied Leisure (makers of Spooksville) from Dave Marston. Not so creepy, but still interesting is a look by Bill Crouch at getting his first pinball, Sweet Sioux, an EM collectors club hosted by Clay Harrell and reports on summer vacations from Bob Herbison and myself. We have a cartoon by Mark Malmberg, the Pinball Parlour and the P3 tourney from Josh Kaplan and a photo-essay on Pinball Expo 2005 to get us all ready for the 2006 edition. That's not all, of course, so as usual, don't miss it.
    PGJ Issue #117 (September 2006) is chock full of all kinds of colorful stuff. First, there’s more color pages than ever before! This issue has more behind the scenes and insider info on Stern’s Pirates of the Caribbean than the PGJ has printed on any game before. We also talk with Zizzle’s Marc Rosenberg, the man responsible for the idea to make a toy pinball machine with a commercial game feel. There’s also a look in photos at the spring ASI industry show, an interview by Clay Harrell with Todd MacCulloch about pinball and basketball, and a history of the PAPA tourney by one of its best players, Bowen Kerns. Add to that a story by Bart Baeyens from Belgium about his experience of having a Big Bang Bar show up on his doorstep nearly unannounced! Round that out with a word from Jack Guarnieri about his favorite pinball and a secret code for Pirates of the Caribbean from Dwight Sullivan and you have another pinball packed edition of the Pingame Journal.
    PGJ Issue #116 (July 2006) is a cool issue—what else? The cover displays a piece of pinball art photography from Kevin Tiell. The art theme continues as we have a full color report on Tilt: The Art of Pinball. This report is special to the Pingame Journal from cub reporter and classic pinball artist, John Youssi! Next is an essay from Roger Sharpe and a story on reproducing hard to find EM pinball parts by Glenn Anderson. After a little humor from Craig Endler we present our review of the first Pins & Vids DVD by David Ainslie. Not to leave anyone out, we also feature a review of Popbumper’s Life After Death DVDs both I and II by Roger Thorton. (The latest TOP DVD was reviewed in PGJ #114). Then there is an interesting interview with Steve Ritchie about his World Poker Tour game and what has changed since he first saw the whitewood playfield nearly a year and a half ago. This is followed by Mark Malmberg’s discussion with WPT programmer and master player, Keith Johnson about the best way to play the game. There are show reports on the Rochester Game Room Show from Dan Leberfeld, the Texas Pinball Festival by Josh Kaplan and PAPA 8 by Lee Holsopple! Round that out with another installment of John Smout’s Pinball History and even more stuff and you have another NOT TO BE MISSED issue of the Pingame Journal!
    PGJ Issue #115 (April 2006) (OUT OF PRINT) is a real beauty, a Hawaiian Beauty that is. This 50s Gottlieb classic is featured on the cover as well as covered in depth by PGJ Woodrail editor, Bob Herbison. As busy of a guy Bob is, he found time to visit the newly opened Pinball Hall of Fame in Vegas and filed a report on this important location. The article is complemented by photos by Ed Pizo. We also feature two stories about Tim Seckel’s Rocky and Bullwinkle and Friends. One about the game by John Patton and another about the car (?) by Giuseppe Croce from Italy! Stern’s new Steve Ritchie creation World Poker Tour is looked at through the eyes of new artist Brian Rood. We are treated to part two of Paul Backer’s exhaustive treatment of Creature From The Black Lagoon. Round that all out with Dave Marston’s Pinball On Record (with a lot of help from Dutchman Frank Verweij), The Repair Pirate and Jeff Lawton’s Technicians In Training, and we have another amazing issue of the Pingame Journal. Don’t miss it!
    PGJ Issue # 114 (February 2006) (OUT OF PRINT) is just brimming with information and color. The cover features a creature. Actually it’s the Creature From The Black Lagoon acting as the introduction for the up close and personal story (with three pages in color!) of that Bally game by John Trudeau and Kevin O’Connor and a great team. Paul Backer talks to many of them and produced an in-depth article. There’s a report on the missing Comet cabinet logo and one on Tim Arnold’s dream-come-true arcade! We review the new video from the TOP team and find out why Zach Sharpe was out of touch for a while. Bits and Pieces touch on the Coke/Pinball sign in Times Square, a pinball article in American Interest, a PGJ Frapper, and other cool pinball stuff. There’s a discussion from Tim Ford about the future of pinball and a report from Pin-A-Go-Go. Jeffrey Lawton brings us a report on the Whiterose show as well as a review of the video of that show produced by Josh Kaplan. There’s talk of the Pinball Death Match from Bowen Kerins and Mark Malmburg brings us playing tips for Sopranos as well as a new cartoon. John Smout displays his eleventh installment of the History of Pinball and we round out this issue with a report from Uncle Hoppy and his perfect pinball hauling car! Of course there’s much more here but no room to say it all so don’t miss this issue!
    PGJ Issue #113 (November 2005) (Out of Print) begins with a short report on those This Old Pinball zanies Norm and Shaggy and a color photo report on the 2005 AMOA industry show. Alex Fuchs gives us background info on his Pinball Calendar project and Neil Nicastro finishes up his conversation on the events leading to the end of Williams pinball. Pinball At The Zoo is looked at along with the saga of Sarah! Pinball Repair Pirate is back, this time fixing a King Kool and Jeff Lawton continues his Tech. Training series. Josh Kaplan tells of the Pinball Wizards Show, Jim Radovich reviews a Lord Of The Rings ramp mod and Bob Herbison tells us what time is on his Gottlieb clock. Roger Thornton reviews Pure Pinball and there is Bits and Pieces with Cerveris, Zipzer, Rosen, Linux and PlayMeter and a Pinheads cartoon from Mark Malmberg. That’s not all, of course, so don’t miss it!
    PGJ Issue #112 (October 2005) This issue features two great discussions. One with Pat Lawlor, discussing his game NASCAR along with the background behind choosing the theme and the challenges his team overcame in making the game. There is also a section discussing the European version of this game, Grand Prix. The other is a talk with former Williams CEO, Neil Nicastro. He tells it like he saw it, no holds barred, in this two part in depth interview. Part two will appear in PGJ #113. Speaking of part two, we have the second part of the Birth of Black Hole story by Eric Selak as well as the entire story of finding the movie game prop from The Time of Your Life by Josh Kaplan. Also there’s info on past industry and collector shows, another installment of John Smout's History of Pinball and Jeffrey Lawton's Technicians In Training. There's more, of course, so don't miss it!
    PGJ Issue #111 (August 2005) The featured story has been three years in the writing and reveals the origins of the Gottlieb game, Black Hole. The first part of this story by Eric Selak tells how the whole project got started. FLASH! The Chicago Connection is finally un-masked! Find out who this Pinball Trader "Deep Throat" really was. There's a Hershey show report, a new feature: Uncle Hoppy by Steve Hopper, and a really neat story about the pinball promo TV spot for the MLB All Star Game. There's Technicians In Training from Jeffrey Lawton, part two of Flipped Out by Ronald Kemenade and a Space Jam edition of the Repair Pirate ... and much more, of course.
    PGJ Issue #110 (June 2005) This issue features a lot about The Who's Tommy. First Dave Marston's Pinball On Record sets the stage, then we cover the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame's Tommy exhibit, then an exclusive interview with Broadway's Tommy, Michael Cerveris, on to a report on local Tommy productions and finally a history by John Smout called The Who, The Mods and Eel Pie. There's also Technicians In Training by Jeffrey Lawton, inside info and prelim drawings about Stern's The Sopranos, and the first installment of The Repair Pirate Chronicals. There's also a Pinheads cartoon by Mark Malmberg ... and of course much more.
    PGJ Issue #109 (April 2005) This issue is quite artistic! Starting with the cover featuring the official poster for Pinball! Pinball! Pinball! the pinball art exhibit by collector David Silverman. He writes about his pinball start and how and why this show was born. Video Video is another “show” but it’s ended and we hear from its “creator” Ron Salny and other faithful about this pinball arcade with the funny name and why it has to close. There’s a new family in pinball and we look at the Sopranos game from the perspective of  Stern Art Director Marc Schoenberg and Kevin O’Connor’s art package. Mark Bakula takes a look at the Attack From Mars LED kit from Bill Ung, Josh Kaplan reports on the 2004 “York” show, David Marston reports on Pinball On Record, and Clay Harrell presents part two of his game search and restoration. There’s much more, of course.
    PGJ Issue #108 This issue is the first for the new year. After a post Expo break, we’re back at it and this issue is the result. There’s a good chunk of readers’ letters, the story behind the landmark pinball book Pinball-An Illustrated History by Michael Colmer, BY Michael Colmer, and a book review of Siege of Salt Cove by Anthony Weller from David Marston. We go inside Federico Croci’s OUTSIDE pinball party, as well as the Twin Cities pinball tournament by Todd Anderson and the Texas Pinball show by Josh Kaplan. And we have part one of a two part Clay Harrell search and rescue epic. There ‘s News From the Front, Technician In Training by Jeffrey Lawton and, oh yah, we have a brand new logo designed as a group effort by Kevin O’Connor, John Popadiuk and Margaret Hudson! Plus even more!!
    PGJ Issue #107 This issue features a salute to Pinball Expo as they celebrate their 20th show! There is also more on the current Stern Pinball offering: ELVIS. Playfield artist Kevin O’Connor and the three programmers, Lonnie Ropp, Dwight Sullivan and Keith Johnson explain how they did it! You can read an editorial on saving pinball from former pinball designer Jon Norris, check out Pinball Through the Years from designer Greg Kmiec and discover a future pinball project from Ronald van Kemenade. There are reports on the 2003 Texas pinball show by Bob Herbison and Pinbrawl from Josh Sharpe as well as a reviews of cabinet protectors from Mark Bakula and the book Pinball Machines for Italy by John Popadiuk. John Smout presents another installment of the History of Pinball and Clay Harrell finishes up his Bally Sharpshooter gun game epic. There is Ask the Expert and a feature on those rare pineapple flippers!(?) Don’t miss a juicy word in this delicious issue of the PinGame Journal!
    PGJ Issue #106 (October 2004) This issue has left the building … and is in the hands of subscribers. It’s full of cool info about the new Stern game, Elvis. Readers will hear from sound and music designer, Chris Granner, artist Jerry Vanderstelt, and game designer Steve Ritchie. Also in this issue there is a story on the joys of playing the ponies on Gottlieb’s Derby Day by Bob Herbison, the inside story of the forth Pinball 2000 game, Playboy from the people who were designing it and reports on pinball shows and parties. There’s some tech help for EM games from Jeffrey Lawton, as well as part two of Clay Harrell’s three part epic on Bally’s Sharpshooter gun game. Speaking of Sharpshooter, the history of the Game Plan pin is explained by Josh and Zach Sharpe. There’s tons more so don’t miss it.
    PGJ Issue #105 (July 2004) This issue has as on its cover the amazing game room built by the Mark Bakula family and inside is more details of this "Ultimate Game Room." Most of the remaining pages are filled by a detailed history of Williams by Tim Arnold. Tim spent countless hours pulling information together and locating photos and graphics to do this up "right." Also in this issue you’ll read a book review of the new Pinball Compendium and part six of John Smout's History of Pinball focusing on the art of Jerry Kelly, Rally and the Who's TOMMY. Check out this special issue of the PGJ!
    PGJ Issue #104 This issue covered in amazement--Believe It Or Not! There is a story about the Stern game with interviews with designer Pat Lawlor, artist John Youssi and sound director Chris Granner. John takes us behind the scenes with preliminary and rejected artwork for the game. Also in this issue is the text of a talk by Gary Stern to the Century Club on his life in the pinball business, reports on the fall AMOA show, Tim Arnold's Fun Night by Kevin Orme and the spring ASI show. There's a review of the newly expanded TOP video on WPC game repair by Randy Peck and part one of three of Clay Harrell's quest to buy and restore a Bally Sharpshooter gun game. Jonathan Schelberg presents a look at the Italian coin-op show and Federico Croci's classic pinball exhibit, and we take a look at the Midwest Gaming Classic's Silverball History by Dan Loosen. AND, of course, lots more!
    PGJ Issue #103 (March 2004) Of course the BIG news in this issue is that it reveals two of the biggest secrets in pinball history: How to play the "brick game" in Star Trek:The Next Generation and the meaning of DOHO! I kind of went a little wild with the cover in their honor, but I like it. DOHO discoverer, Maddes Bucher relates his quest for the truth and programmer Dwight Sullivan provides a nice little history of his involvement in pinball and the events leading up to the creation of the “brick game.” There's lots of other stuff there too! On the back cover is a preview of the new Stern game, Ripley’s Believe It or Not, and Federico Croci’s book “Pinball Machines for Italy.” You’ll fine everything from Lyndon Jordon’s visit to Norm's Nest, to a bingo story by Jeffrey Lawton, to Dave Marston’s Pinball On Record, to a White Rose show report by Josh Kaplan, to a history lesson by Michael Colmer! You’ll also see part 4 of the History of Pinball by John Smout, a report on the UK Pinball Extravaganza by Graham Fairall and Marvin Watson and, believe it or not, even MORE!
    PGJ Issue #102 (January 2004) (OUT OF PRINT) features Stern's latest game, Lord Of The Rings, with EXCLUSIVE artwork from New Line Cinema artist Jerry Vanderstelt and a discussion with programmer Keith Johnson. Also you'll read “It’s Better To Give” by Martin Ayub and “Seasons Cheatings” by Bob Cratchit, a report on the California Extreme show by Edd Dicker and part two of Clay Harrell's epic Chicagoland trip as well as tips on how to make your own plastic pinball parts! There’s Pinball Crossword and Pingame Guessing Game along with part three of John Smout’s History of Pinball to round out this “preciousss” issue of the PinGame Journal.
    PGJ Issue #101 (October 2003) This issue incorporates the annual Pinball Expo Souvenir Guide! On the cover are 30 different individual creamer tops that each feature a classic pin. Inside you’ll find United's Summertime by Jeffrey Lawton, David Marston on the Bally Recording Corp., Bruce Clark’s Clark Side Bar about a Pinball Bar, Mark Williams' report on the 2003 Oregon Pinball Odyssey and John Smout's History of Pinball, part two. There’s also Ask The Experts, and part one of Clay Harrell’s epic journey to pick up his eBay bought games at the Chicagoland show and how he fixed them up. Plus there is all kinds of Expo info and pages on web sites to visit and books to read.
    PGJ Issue #100 This is our ONE HUNDREDTH ISSUE!!! It has some of the editor’s thoughts on things that didn’t exactly go as planned since Issue #1 and then the comments of Dennis Dodel, editor of the Pinball Trader Newsletter. We take a look back at Bob Clark’s Tropic Isle story with an update. Also there is a report on Pin-A-Go-Go and a story by Bob Herbison on the Williams woodrail, Sea Wolf! We have News From The Front, the German and Dutch pinball tournaments, Clark Side Bar, Ask The Experts and John Smout’s History of Pinball, part one. Finish it off with a few pages of photos from Expo 2002 and you have another great issue.
    PGJ Issue #99 (July 2003) FULL METAL GAME is a way to describe the new offering from Stern Pinball by Steve Ritchie. In our exclusive interview with Steve he explains how metal is used in his T3 pinball and presents other behind-the-scenes looks at this "in your face" pinball. This issue also features part two of an exhaustive look at Williams Woodrails by Clay Harrell, a report on the 2002 White Rose pinball show by Chris Bucci, Ask The Experts, more photos from the ASI industry show. We finish off with an auction report as well as much, much more!
    PGJ Issue #98 (May 2003) An exhaustive look at Williams Woodrails (part one) and a detailed report on the new Stern The Simpsons Pinball Party are announced on the cover of this classic issue of the PinGame Journal. You'll find reports on the 2003 Texas Pinball Festival, the Pinball Odyssey from Orgeon, the Fireside Chats from Pinball Expo 2002, and the 2003 ASI show from Vegas. Also there's a tech report on the Rotor Table game Confucius Say, Ask The Experts, Pinball On Record and press releases chronicling Stern's efforts to spread the word about pinball. We finish off with Auction reports along with, as usual, much more.
    PGJ Issue #97 (March 2003) The 1930's Rotor Table Games’ Confucius Say is brought to life by Michael Sands and featured in this issue. There are updates on Steve Ritchie and Lyman Sheats from Stern, reports on the ATEI (England) and IMA (Germany) industry shows, Ask The Experts about Motordome, reports on the White Rose show from Josh Kaplan and Coin-op Super Show from Russ Jensen as well as a look at the Pinball Expo 2002 Stern Tour with details of Stern’s new tournament system. We have Working On Wiggler by Jeffrey Lawton, The Clark Sidebar, Norm’s Nest, Guessing Game, and a special Darker Side of Pinball on the back cover! Round that out with reader’s letters, ads, and some great deals on books and you have another “Play Pinball Man!” issue of the PinGame Journal. Inclusions: Simpsons Pinball Party and Stern ToPS System flyers.
    PGJ Issue #96 (Winter 2002) It maybe the dead of winter for most of the US, but it's summer inside this issue of the PinGame Journal as Bob Herbison brings us baseball with Gottlieb's Grand Slam from 1953!
    PGJ Issue #94/95 (October-Pinball Expo 2002) ($8.00) This is our annual combined PinGame Journal and Pinball Expo Souvenir Guide. There is all kinds of info about and around Expo '02 as well as: Two AND A Match by Jeff Chutz, Stern Pinball: Dedicated To An American Icon, Dateline Europe by Michael Colmer, Batman 2001, Bowling Pins, Reports on: Pinball A GO GO, Wildwood Pinball Classic, and Pinball Wizard's Convention. Our exclusive interview with Pat Lawlor about his game Roller Coaster Tycoon, Critic's Corner 2, a review of reproduction plastic game parts and a story about a new pinball game from a new pinball company: Vacation America. All this and more in this big double issue of the PinGame Journal!
    PGJ Issue #93 (September 2002) This issue of the PinGame Journal features Places With Pins. It begins with a report by Chris Werfel on the arrival of the new Roller Coaster Tycoon on public test. Pinball On Record describes the pin filled "fun room" at Germany's Nuclear Blast recording studios, there's a Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow look at the pintourny called Pinburgh as well as reports on other shows, there's a detailed look at the world of Visual Pinball by John Patton, and that's just the highlights. Get an issue for yourself to get the full effect!
    PGJ Issue #92 (July 2002) This issue of the PinGame Journal Issue features a very special story. Told by former pinball designer John Popadiuk, it highlights the innovation and style of the 1960's French pinball manufacturer Rally Play. Also in this issue is a photo story of the 2002 edition of the industry ASI show and Tim Arnold's Fun Night. Stern showed it's latest game, Playboy, at that show and the PGJ presents an in depth look at the origin of this George Gomez game along with an interview with George on his life Between Pinballs.
    PGJ Issue #91 (April 2002) It's the third time for Playboy Magazine as a pinball theme but it was never done like this before! Our cover this time reveals only a hint ... the full story will appear in PGJ Issue #92. Will Seldon takes us through his Williams Time Warp,
    PGJ Issue #90 (February/March 2002) Our cover story features Stern's Orbitor 1 from 1982, talks about talking to Steve Ritchie, shows a "new" Viper photo and introduces the new Pinball Collectors Resource.
    PGJ Issue #89 (January 2002) (Out of Print)- Cover: Sapphire and the PGJ 10th Anniversary Shirt!. The Hollywood Reporter by Don Beckwith, Show Shopping by Trent Augenstein,
    PGJ Issue #87/88 (Pinball Expo 2001) ($8.00) In this special combined Pinball Expo 2001 Special Edition , which incorporates the Expo Souvenir Guide Book, the cover story and featured Expo game, is Monopoly from Stern Pinball.
    PGJ Issue #85/86 (Summer 2001 - part two) ($8.50) In this second part of our Tenth Anniversary Issue is the cover story featuring the prototype game dubbed "Mini-Viper" and Mark Bakula describes his multi-year quest to find and restore it.
    PGJ Issue #83/84 (Summer 2001-part one) ($8.50) (Out Of Print) Features included in this Special Tenth Anniversary Issue: The cover story by Bob Herbison on Gottlieb's Frontiersman, Pat Lawlor let's us "inside" his Wizard Blocks,
    PGJ Issue #82 (April/May 2001) (Out Of Print) Cover featuring finished/preliminary artwork from High Roller Casino and a sneak peak at Wizard Blocks!
    PGJ Issue #81 (March 2001) Cover story on Gottlieb's Silver by Bruno Zappaterra and Stern's new High Roller. Features include: the Atlanta IAAPA show by Scott Piehler
    PGJ Issue #80 (December 2000) Cover story on Gottlieb Sinbad/Eye of the Tiger by Dan Schindler. Letters including Wms X-mas card, Part four of Beginning Circuit Board Repair--The Digital Mulitmeter,
    PGJ Issue #78/79 (October/November 2000) ($8.00) Cover: Combined PinGame Journal and Pinball Expo 2000 Souviener Guide. Designer Jon Osborne speaks at Pinball Expo 99--I Was There. part two,
    PGJ Issue #77 (September 2000) Cover: Stern's Sharkey's Shootout including a story on the new game. Interview with Roger Sharpe--Is Pinball Really Dead?
    PGJ Issue #76 (July 2000) Cover story: The Search for "Real" Video Pinball, The Birth of Demons: a prototype by John Trudeau,
    PGJ Issue #75 (June 2000) The Boys Of Summer and a series of three baseball stories, Part Two of Beginning Circuit Board Repair, ASI 2000 report and Tim Arnold's Fun Night,
    PGJ Issue #74 (April/May 2000) Cover story on Stern's Striker Xtreme and interview with Gary Stern, IAAPA '99 by Scott Piehler, Pinball Unit--A Start In The Right Direction by John Malcovsky,
    PGJ Issue #72 (March 2000) Cover story about Gottlieb's Ace High by Bob Herbison, The Making of Pinball 2000-part two of a two part presentation by George Gomez,
    PGJ Issue #71 (February 2000) Cover on Gottlieb's Knock Out by Michael Sands, The Making of Pinball 2000-part one of a two part presentation by George Gomez,
    PGJ Issue #70 (January 2000) Entire Issue Report: Stern Buys Sega, Williams Stops Pinball Production,
    PGJ Issue #69 (November/December 1999) ($6.00) Cover story featuring Williams Star Wars: Episode I. Double issue including Pinball Expo '99 Souvenir Guide. Review by Chris Squyres of Pinball Machine Care and Maintenance by Bernard "Bear" Kamoroff,
    PGJ Issue #67 (October/November 1999) ($8.00) Plastics Issue plus Cover story on Sega Harley-Davidson. The White Rose Pinball Classic Show by Eric Selak, A Look at ASI '99, Pinball Expo '98,
    PGJ Issue #65 (September 1999) Cover story on Gottlieb Sluggin' Champ by Stan Jankowski, 1998 California Extreme Classic Arcade Games Show by Brad Martinson,
    PGJ Issue #64 (August 1999) Cover story Williams Holliday--A Williams Bingo? by John Osborne and Jeffrey Lawton,
    PGJ Issue #63 (May 1999) Cover with Gottlieb Criss Cross story by Bob Herbison, England's ATEI Industry Show by David Roberts, Pinball Wizards Convention '98 by Tiffany Hein,
    PGJ Issue #62 (February 1999) --Our First Color Cover! featuring Williams Pinball 2000: Bally Revenge From Mars. Lots of letters, Pinball Wizards show report,
    PGJ Issue #61 (January 1999) Cover story on Gottlieb Surf Champ by Dan Schindler. Pinball Then and Now by Kristin Catena, Review of CD Pinball Science,
    PGJ Issue #60 (Novermber 1998) Cover featuring Williams' 1954 Big Ben and story by Harold Balde-photos by Robert Keiwan, Inside Capcom Pinball by Gary Flower,
    PGJ Issue #59 (October 1998) Cover: Gottlieb Gridiron -32 pages. The Gridiron Story by John Osborne, The Greatest Pinball Machines of Our Time by Gary Flower,
    PGJ Issue #58 (August 1998) Cover: Gottlieb Sky Jump -24 pages. Sky Jump by Dan Schindler,
    PGJ Issue #57 (May 1998) Cover: Williams Zodiac-44 pages. A Premier Closing, The (Gottlieb) Name's The Same, Williams Zodiac by Alan Walther. Game Report: Medieval Madness, Update on the Pinball Flyer Reference Book, Key West Test by Jeffrey Lawton, Arcade Treasures by Edd Dicker, Pinball Collector Register, Pin A-Go-Go by Judy Tolbert, White Rose Pinball Show by Eric Selak, Milestones—Remembering Joe Dillon.
    PGJ Issue #56 (February 1998) Ads-8 pages.
    PGJ Issue #55 (January 1998 Ads and Letters-12 pages.
    PGJ Issue #54 (November 1997) Cover: Billboard February 23, 1935 "Let's Play Pinball"-36 pages. Contact Jr. by Michael Sands,
    PGJ Issue #52/53 (July 1997)68 Pages ($7.00) Cover: Nip-it Story Told & T.K.O. Challenge Answered-68 pages.
    PGJ Issue #51 (March 1997) Cover: Genco 1956 Flying Aces-36 pages. An Unknown Game: Genco Flying Aces by Rory Lucas, The Time of Your Life: Pinball In The Media by Russ Jensen,
    PGJ Issue #50 (January/February 1997) Cover: Gottlieb 1949 Old Faithful-36 pages. Pinball Expo '96, Pinball Encyclopedia vol. 1 review.
    PGJ Issue #49 (November 1996) Cover: Gottlieb Tivoli-60 pages. For Import Only by Federico Croci, Star Trek Chase by Dave Mabry,
    PGJ Issue #48 (August 1996) Cover: Gottlieb T.K.O.-20 pages. Report on the pinball industry, Welcome New Subscribers, Great Letters, Back Issue List.
    PGJ Issue #46/47 (July 1996) Cover: Plastics Issue-Plastics plus 24 pages. Bally Carnival by Jens Hultgren, Dirty Laundry by Edd Dicker,
    PGJ Issue #45 (June 1996) Cover: Bally Cypress Gardens-40 pages. Water Damage Rescue of Cypress Gardens by Jeffrey Lawton. Creating a Pinball Gallery by Michael Sands,
    PGJ Issue #44 (April 1996) Cover: We're Back!-24 pages. Letters, The Twelve Days of Pinball and T'was The Day After Christmas by Scott Piehler,
    PGJ Issue #43 (November 1995) Cover: Williams Crossword-44 pages. A Crossword Challenge by John Carr, When Pinball Isn't Pinball by Jerry Woods (Spooksville),
    PGJ Issue #41/42 (September/October 1995) Cover: Gottlieb Tropic Isle-56 pages. Forbidden Fruit: A Tropic Isle story by Bob Clark, Start Up by Karin Kolby,
    PGJ Issue #40 (June/July 1995) Cover: Spring Break Issue-36 pages. Pin Trek: To Seek Out New Games by Edd Dicker,
    PGJ Issue #39 (April/May 1995) Cover: Gottlieb T.K.O.-48 pages. The Last Wedgehead by Dennis Dodel, Start Up by Michael Vonelli, French's Corner by Mark French,
    PGJ Issue #38 (February/March 1995) Cover: Gottlieb 1957 Royal Flush-56 pages. 1957: It's In The Cards by Bruce Clark, To Auction We Are Still Going by Chris Squyres,
    PGJ Issue #36/37 (January 1995) Cover: Midway 1964 Flying Turns-Plastics plus 44 pages. Plastics from Star Trek: The Next Generation, Popeye, Judge Dredd, Twilight Zone, Dracula, World Cup Soccer, Indiana Jones.
    PGJ Issue #35 (November 1994) Cover: Williams 1982 Thunderball-36 pages. Thunderball by Jay Stafford, Boulevard of Broken Games by Tom Callahan and Keith Stelter,
    PGJ Issue #34 (September/October 1994) Cover: Gottlieb 1973 High Hand-44 pages. A High Hand Restoration by Jeffrey Lawton, A Thorny Affair by Cheryl Morris, The 1994 Pinball Show,
    PGJ Issue #33 (August 1994) Cover: New Masthead, Flood-24 pages. You Ask A Lotta Questions!, Thoughts From Orange County by Chris Squyres,
    PGJ Issue #31/32 (April/May 1994) Cover: Gottlieb 1962 Cover Girl-76 pages. Cover Girl by Bruce Carlton, Two Computer Pinball Games by Alex Workman,
    PGJ Issue #30 (June [July] 1994) Cover: Stern 1981 Freefall-48 pages. Freefall by Ad Jonkers, 1st Wild West Pinball Fest Ropes In The Fun,
    PGJ Issue #29 (March 1994) Cover: Chicago Coin 1940 Skyline-40 pages. Once In a Blue Moon by Bruce Clark, Short Circuits--Flipper Fixin's by Steve Young,
    PGJ Issue #27/28 (January/February 1994) Cover: Gottlieb 1958 Rocket Ship-68 pages. (Out Of Print) Thoughts From Orange County by Chris Squyres, The Half Million Mystery by Bob Herbison, A Dirty Pinball Story by Bart Bush,
    PGJ Issue #26 (November 1993) Cover--The Craziest Game I Ever Played-28 pages. Cover designed and explained by Marilyn Gans Schelberg, Lots of Letters
    PGJ Issue #25 (September 1993) Cover: Gottlieb 1965 Ice Revue-44 pages. (Out Of Print) A N(ice) Surprise by Larry Beiza, Variations by Dennis Dodel, The Coin-op Super Show by Chris Squyres,
    PGJ Issue #24 (July/August 1993) Cover: Gottlieb 1975 El Dorado-56 pages. (Out Of Print) Drop Target Gold by Bob Herbison, Pinball Show '93 in Photos,
    PGJ Issue #23 (June 1993) Cover: Plastics, Plastics, Plus-16 pages. (Out Of Print) Letters and ads. Inclusions: Creature From the Black Lagoon,
    PGJ Issue #21/22 (May 1993) Cover: Williams 1972 Line Drive-72 pages. (Out Of Print) The ACME Industry Show, Tim Arnold's Ice Cream Anti-Social,
    PGJ Issue #20 (March 1993) (Out Of Print) Cover: Gottlieb 1954 Gold Star-40 pages. Chalk up Some Fun with Bally Pinballs by Jeff Segeda, Report on New England Pinfest '92 by Tim Drake, Gottlieb Double Award Games of 1954 by Jon Norris, News From the Front. Flyers printed: Bally Eight Ball, Eight Ball Deluxe, Eight Ball Deluxe Limited Edition, Eight Ball Champ, Pool Sharks, Gottlieb Dragonette. Inclusions: Street Fighter II, Creature From the Black Lagoon, Whitewater flyers.
    PGJ Issue #19 (January/February 1993) (Out Of Print) Cover: Bally 1948 Rancho-44 pages. 1935 Kings of the Turf by Tim Hutley, A Day At The Auction from England, Dream Gameroom Poll results, View From Across The Pond by Gary Flower--Captain Fantastic The Final Episode!?, Pinball Expo '92 In Photos--Part Two, Pinball Mystery by Dick Bueschel, Pinball Around the World--The POA Convention by John Whyatt. New Game reports: Data East Star Wars, Bally Doctor Who. Flyer printed: Tropic Isle. Inclusion: Tropic Isle scorecard.
    PGJ Issue #18 (December 1992) (Out Of Print) Cover: Nasco 1949 Mandalay-44 pages. The Mystery of Mandalay by Bruce Clark, Pinball Expo '92, View From Across The Pond by Gary Flower, Nip-It, Nip-It, Nip-It by Herb Silvers, Trivia by Jeff Segeda, Mario Word Search by Bob Mackey. New game report: Williams Fish Tales. Flyer printed: Nip-It. Inclusions: Star Wars, World Tour flyers, Doctor Who plastics.
    PGJ Issue #17 (November 1992) (Out Of Print) Cover: Gottlieb 1967 King of Diamonds-44 pages. The King is Dead-- Long Live the King by Paul Takajian, A Bikini Story by Jeffrey Lawton, AMOA '92 report, Pinball Around The World. New game report: Premier Cue Ball Wizard. Flyers printed: King of Diamonds, Bikini. Inclusions: USA Football, Doctor Who, Cue Ball Wizard flyers; King of Diamonds scorecard.
    PGJ Issue #16 (October 1992) Cover: "Dear Reader..."-12 pages. Publisher's "Break"--All ad issue.
    PGJ Issue #15 (September 1992) Cover: Annual Swimsuit Issue-32 pages. I Flew The Universe for $134.29 by Bart Bush, A Tale Of Two Machines by Doug Landman, A View From Across The Pond by Gary Flower. New game reports: Data East Lethal Weapon 3 and A.G. Soccer-Ball. Flyer printed: Gottlieb Olympics. Inclusions: Olympics scorecard card, Fish Tales, Lethal Weapon 3 flyers, Fish Tales, Black Rose plastics.
    PGJ Issue #14 (August 1992) August, 1992. Cover: Gottlieb 1962 Olympics, 44 pages. Pinball Poker, A Nagging Restoration--Williams Nags, The Pinball Show 1992, Pinball Mystery, Happy 10th Anniversary pinGame journal, United Bingo List, Pinball Expo '92 Update. Inclusions: Bally Black Rose, A.G. Soccer-Ball flyers, Super Mario Bros. "secrets" card.
    PGJ Issue #13 (June/July 1992) Cover: Bally 1969 Beauty Contest, 40 pages. Pinball Around The World by Federico Croci--Bally Beauty Contest, The Pinball Show '92. New game report: Gottlieb Super Mario Bros. Flyers printed: Gottlieb Dodge City, Bally Beauty Contest. Inclusions: Dodge City scorecards, Super Mario Bros. flyer.
    PGJ Issue #12 (May 1992) Cover: Birthday Cake, 20 pages. Collector's Fun Fair, Around The World. Flyer printed: German Hook. Inclusion: Alvin G. A.G. Soccer-Ball flyer.
    PGJ Issue #11 (April 1992) (Out Of Print) Cover: Williams 1965 Pretty Baby, 36 pages. A not so pretty Pretty Baby by Tim Ferrante, Carol's Catastrophe--Bally Show Time by Jeffrey Lawton, Pinball Around The World, Pinball Mystery by Dick Bueschel, News From The Front, AMOA-IFPA Tourny. Inclusion: Apollo scorecard.
    PGJ Issue #10 (March 1992) (Out Of Print) Cover: Gottlieb 1966 Subway (Italian Version), 44 pages. Local Tournament Has "Home" Feel by Jim McDonnell, Pinball Around The World by Gary Flower, Bally Bingo Checklist originated by Russ Jensen. New game reports--Bally Addams Family, Data East Hook, Gottlieb Operation Thunder, Williams Getaway. Inclusions: Operation Thunder, Getaway flyers, Getaway plastics.
    PGJ Issue #9 (February 1992) (Out Of Print) Cover: Gottlieb 1948 Lady Robin Hood, 32 pages. Star Trek--The Final Frontier, Pinball Around The World by Gary Flower, Midwinter Fun Page by Darn Old Arnold. New game report: Williams Hurricane. Inclusions: Addams Family, Hook flyers, Hurricane and Addams Family plastics.
    PGJ Issue #8 (December 1991) (Out Of Print) Cover: Gottlieb 1967 Sing Along, 36 pages. Pinball Leagues--Handicaps Are Not Handicaps by Scott Langford, Recycle Your Old Pin Table Cabinets by Bill Cowles, PinGame Puzzler by Dean St. Antoine, Pinball Around The World by Gary Flower, Pinball Gods by Darn Old Arnold. New game report: Gottlieb Surf 'N Safari. Flyers printed: Gottlieb Amazon Hunt, Data East Star Trek. Inclusion: Sing Along scorecard.
    PGJ Issue #7 (November 1991) Cover: Bally 1970 Expressway, 28 pages. Pinball Leagues--A Many Splendored Thing by Scott Langford, News From The Front, Report on Pinball Expo '91, Dollar Pinball by Joe Kaminkow and Larry DeMar. Flyer printed: Expressway. Inclusion: Hurricane flyer, Expressway scorecard.
    PGJ Issue #6 (October 1991) (Out Of Print) Cover: Data East 1991 Star Trek, 48 pages. Pasadena Fun Fair by Bill Cowles, 1991 Pinfest, The Making of a Pingame--Star Trek (18 page report!), PAPA—Organization Report. New game report: Bally Party Zone. Inclusions: Data East Star Trek flyer, Party Zone plastic.
    PGJ Issue #5 (September 1991) (Out Of Print) Cover: Williams 1964 River Boat, 36 pages. One Person’s Ride on Williams’ River Boat By Tim Ferrante, Genco 1940 Metro--A Pinball Classic by Russ Jensen. AMOA Show '91 report, Darn Old Arnold's Wild Kingdom, New game report: Gottlieb Class of 1812. Flyers printed: Williams Magic City, Riverboat. Inclusions: Magic City scorecards, IFPA Pinball Basics card.
    PGJ Issue #4 (August 1991) (Out Of Print) Cover: Genco 1940 Metro, 28 pages. Just a Note About the Pinball Show by Bill Cowles, Pinball Mystery by Dick Bueschel, Expo '91 Update. New game reports: Williams Terminator 2, Data East Batman. Flyer printed: Gottlieb Universe. Inclusions: Party Zone, Surf ‘N Safari, Class of 1812 flyers, Terminator 2 plastic.
    PGJ Issue #3 (July 1991) (Out Of Print) Cover: Gottlieb 1958 Contest, 32 pages. Gottlieb '50s Games by Jon Norris, Reader's Poll Results, News From The Front, Choosing A License--Williams Terminator 2, Expo '91 Update, '91 Pinball Show funny page by Tim Arnold. Flyer printed: Gottlieb Contest. Inclusions: Terminator 2, Batman flyers,
    PGJ Issue #2 (June 1991) (Out Of Print) Cover: The Gottlieb Box, 36 pages. The Chicagoland Collectable Show - Spring '91, News From The Front, Pinball Mystery by Dick Bueschel, 1991 Collector's Fun Fair by Herb Silvers, Official Mistakes List from Issue One, Reader's Poll Results--Part One. New game report: Bally Gilligan's Island. Flyer and scorecard printed: Flipper Clown. Inclusions: Flipper Clown scorecard, Gilligan's Island flyer and plastic.
    PGJ Issue #1 (May 1991) (Reprint) Cover: Genco 1948 Triple Action, 32 pages. In The Beginning, Pinball Expo '90, AMOA-IFPA First Annual World Championships, Pinball Mystery by Dick Bueschel, News From The Front, Pinball Around The World by Gary Flower, ACME industry show. Game report: Data East TMN Turtles. Flyers printed: Slick Chick, Cactus Jack's. Inclusions: Slick Chick scorecard; The Machine flyer and plastic.

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