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PinGame Journal Back Issues Available

Issue content of the PinGame Journal varies. One issue may focus on older classic games, another on newer machines and still others on industry events or hobby shows. Most contain a variety of items. Over the years we have included all kinds of stuff with the issues as well as current game "sell sheets" or flyers. These and other inclusions will be sent with a back issue order when available.

Back Issue links are shown below from newest to oldest. Those labled "out of print" are not available as an "ink and paper" issue but might be available as a PDF file, please inquire.

To search this page, just press CTRL-F.

SAMPLE/BACK ISSUE--We will often (but not always!) send the CURRENT issue as your SAMPLE (we won't send any calendar issue as a sample). If you want a specific issue as your SAMPLE or BACK ISSUE, please let us know by using the "special instructions" or "notes" section of the PayPal order form OR send a separate email with that information. Better yet, do both! Please note that your NEW SUBSCRIPTION will start with the NEXT issue NOT the CURRENT issue. UNLESS you opt to get the 2021 Calendar as your first issue. See our Subscription page for details by clicking SUBSCRIPTION.

Single issues of the 2021 PinGame Journal Pinball Calendar (Issue #166) are available at our Cool Stuff page. Click COOL STUFF to go there.



  • SAMPLE OR BACK ISSUE -Outside North America: $9.00