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PGJ Subcription & Classified/Advertising Info

Subscriptions are sold by the issue not the year, month or any other time period. The basic subscription includes 8 issues of the magazine which however we do aim to deliver within each calendar year. We accept payment by U.S. check, money order or traveler's check made payable to "PinGame Journal." (See the CASH caution below). We also accept payment through the on line service PayPal (see below). We can not accept credit cards (except through PayPal) at this time.

You can subscribe to the PinGame Journal (or order a CURRENT, SAMPLE, or BACK issue) using PayPal by clicking the appropriate button below. You can also make a $5 or $10 donation to the PGJ to help cover constantly rising costs. This method will include a small service/handling fee (listed as "shipping") that we are charged by PayPal for the convenience of this online transaction. You are under no obligation to pay this fee (about $1.60 on a $34 subscription), however we would appreciate if you did, as those little amounts add up quickly!

If you opt not to have the fees added, please click HERE and make a direct payment from your PayPal account to goodstuff(at)pingamejournal(dot)com [replace (at) with @ and (dot) with .]

Back Issue Availability.
Most back issues are available for $6.00 each in the US. (Canada: $7, Outside North America:$10.00) Click HERE to be taken to our Back Issue page for details.


  • DONATE $5 TO THE PGJ to help with constantly rising costs. Thank You!
  • DONATE $10 TO THE PGJ to help even more with constantly rising costs. Thank You!

    SUBSCRIBE - Please choose appropriate category below. SUBSCRIPTION or RENEWAL usually starts with the next issue AFTER the current issue.

    HOWEVER, since the current issue is the 2020 Pinball Calendar you can get that as your first issue by including $2 postage in the US or $4 Outside the US. Use the handy PayPal buttons below.

  • ADD $2

  • ADD $4


  • NEW 8 ISSUES Subscription-USA $34

  • RENEW 8 ISSUES Subscription-USA $34

  • NEW 16 ISSUES Subscription-USA $68

  • RENEW 16 ISSUES Subscription-USA $68


  • NEW Subscription-USA First Class Mail-8 ISSUES: $45

  • RENEW Subscription-USA First Class Mail-8 ISSUES: $45


  • NEW-8 ISSUES Subscription-CANADA $42

  • RENEW-8 ISSUES Subscription-CANADA $42

  • NEW 16-ISSUES Subscription-CANADA $84

  • RENEW 16-ISSUES Subscription-CANADA $84


  • NEW-8 ISSUES Subscription-Outside North America $45 (Air Mail)

  • RENEW-8 ISSUES Subscription-Outside North America $45 (Air Mail)

  • NEW 16 ISSUES Subscription-Outside North America $90 (Air Mail)

  • RENEW 16 ISSUES Subscription-Outside North America $90 (Air Mail)

    SAMPLE/CURRENT/BACK ISSUE--Our "default" sample issue is #150. If you want a specific issue as your SAMPLE or BACK ISSUE, please let us know by using the "special instructions" or "notes" section of the PayPal order form OR send a separate email with that information. Better yet, do both! Please note that your NEW SUBSCRIPTION will start with the NEXT issue NOT the CURRENT issue. If you want the CURRENT issue, order it using a button below and again please indicate that so we know what issue to send you.

  • SAMPLE/CURRENT/BACK ISSUE-Outside North America: $10

    Sometimes it is necessary to add a few dollars to an order for various reasons and the button below is to be used in those instances.

  • ADD $2

    Other Payment Methods

    Subscription rates in US dollars are as follows:

    • USA: $34 (add $20 for First Class).
    • Canada: $42
    • Outside North America: $45 (air mail)
    • SAMPLE/BACK ISSUE: $6 in US, $7 Canada, $10 Outside North America.

    Make checks or money orders out to "PinGame Journal" and send, along with your name, mailing address, phone number and email address to:

    PinGame Journal
    31937 Olde Franklin Drive
    Farmington Hills MI 48334-1731 USA

    NOTE: We are very protective with personal information so please include your phone and email address as it can help us contact you if needed. Thanks.

    CASH--Some, especially subscribers outside North America, choose to send U.S. currency rather than use a check or money order. That is fine and we've had only one problem with that method. But keep in mind that there is no "record" of the money sent or that we received it. If it is lost, we can not be responsible. It is important to us that everyone knows there are no guarantees. PayPal seems to be a much better alternative.

    Classified Ads
    The internet has pretty well taken over this section. Please see our friends at Mr. Pinball for the latest in pinball related ads. However, we are happy to print an ad for a subscriber wanting to find or sell an item as long as it's hobby and not business related. We refer businesses to our display ad section below.

    Display Ads
    Prices are for "camera ready" full color layouts. Typesetting and layout help is available for a minimum of $10.

    • Full page: $180
    • Back Cover: $220
    • 1/2 page: $90
    • 1/4 page: $50
    • Business card size: $20
    Multiple insertion discounts are available.

    Back Issue Availability
    Many (but not all) back issues are available.

  • SAMPLE/BACK ISSUE: $6 in US, $7 Canada, $10 Outside North America. See our Back Issue page for details.

    Contact Info
    See our Contact Info page for more contact details.

  • PinGame Journal, 31937 Olde Franklin Drive, Farmington Hills, MI 48334-1731